Classics Illustrated Comics

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Remembers “Classics Illustrated” comics.

My uncle who lived next door to our old apartment had a whole closet full of these comics and I spent many an afternoon getting lost in the pages of these comics. It opened up a world of classic literature like War of the Worlds, Robinson Crusoe, and Frankenstein condensed in a few pages filled with exciting images.

I don’t think I was able to go through the entire stash. I also remember that in the back cover of the comics was a list of all titles available. I wonder if they still continue to publish these comics somewhere.

Big In Japan



Ricky Baizas remembers “Japan Video Topics”, that TV show in IBC 13 that featured short documentaries about Japanese culture. The word, “prefecture”, was often heard in the voice over. “Here, at the Takagura prefecture…”

These features would air either in the early afternoon or as fillers between shows. They are perfectly shot and impeccably written and gave you the impression that Japan is very clean and orderly. The monotonous voice over can get hypnotic and one could find themselves glued to the screen for almost an hour learning about bonsai trees or tea ceremonies.

It’s a wonder how many of these were produced since they never seem to run out of episodes. There’s always something new. One would often get peeved when the show ends because you wish that they went on forever.

*Image lifted from Nick Ballesteros’s blog.  Read his article about Japan Video Topics here.