Ricky Baizas remembers Filipino TV shows that were knockoffs of popular US ones. “Buddy En Sol” = “Perfect Strangers” and “Hapi House” = “Charles In Charge”.


3 thoughts on “Sitcoms

  1. Ey Ricky…

    Chuckie here… hindi naman rip-off ang Hapi-House… it didn’t have the same plot as Charles-In-Charge. Totally different bro.

    Hapi House still had a father in charge of the entire household unlike Scott Baio’s character in Charles-In-Charge.

    1. Hey Chuckie!

      Perhaps rip-off was too strong a word. My apologies. “Closely resembled” might have been more appropriate. I meant it in the sense that the Aga Muhlach character reminded me of Scott Baio’s character in “Charles in Charge”.

      1. Hey Rick…

        No prob. Oks lang. I understand why you might have thought that Hapi House was a knockoff but in all honesty iba talaga.

        Haha… anyways… I really enjoyed reading your posts earlier… nakaka-memories grabe! Nostalgia galore.

        Keep ’em coming… God bless!


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