Fanta Powder

Ricky Baizas remembers those tiny plastic Fanta containers with powdered sugar in them. You had to suck the powder with a very tiny straw. It was like cocaine for kids.


Ricky Baizas remembers Scribbler, Haba-Haba, Bic, Panda, Kilometrico, and Funny Friends.

The commercial of Kilometrico was the one with the animated talking ballpen.

The Panda ballpen commercial literally had pandas in them, they were animated, of course, and it was a whole family of them.

The Haba-Haba commercial had a catchy jingle, “Haba-Haba Ballpen! Writes looooong…..”

The Funny Friends ballpen had scented ink so you would use this to write love letters and sometimes, if you wrote something funny in your letter you would put in open and close parentheses beside it the words, “joke only!”.

Star Blazers

Ricky Baizas remembers the opening theme to “Star Blazers”.

We’re off to outer space
We’re leaving Mother Earth
To save the human race
Our Star Blazers

Searching for a distant star
Heading off to Iscandar
Leaving all we love behind
Who knows what danger we’ll find?

We must be strong and brave
Our home we’ve got to save
If we don’t in just one year
Mother Earth will disappear

Fighting with the Gamilons
We won’t stop until we’ve won
Then we’ll return and when we arrive
The Earth will survive
With our Star Blazers

They sure don’t make opening themes like they used to back in the day…


Ricky Baizas remembers when cinema seating was divided into Orchestra, Balcony, and Loge, when popcorn came in one size and one flavor (in that translucent wax paper bag), and softdrinks were available in one size cups as well. (all of which had the Coca-Cola logo on them)