Early Afternoon Drama

Ricky remembers “Coney Reyes on Camera” which aired on RPN 9 and “Lovingly Yours, Helen” which aired on GMA 7. They both aired during early afternoons.


6 thoughts on “Early Afternoon Drama

    1. I remember the classic animated cartoon Moby Dick/Mighty Mightor TV series aired on RPN 9 now CNN Philippines during the 1970’s-’80s era was part of Clubhouse 9/Cartoon Block hosted by the late actor & comedian Pepe Pimentel became kid friendly TV show a true classic.

    2. I remember the classic TV shows like Moby Dick/Mighty Mightor Wacky Races Young Gulliver Shazam Superfriends Batman/Superman Hour Aquaman Show & other shows aired on RPN 9 now CNN Philippines.

    3. Flordeluna popular television family melodrama based from the novel by Marcos Sacol serialized in TV radio films & comics aired on RPN 9 from 1979-88 TV series starring Janice De Belen Emma Yuhico Laurice Guillen Herbert Bautista & Dindo Fernando a true classic TV.

    4. Clubhouse 9 popular kiddie variety show aired from RPN 9 for 9 years (1970-79) hosted by the late Pepe Pimentel plus cartoon block too & a classic TV from the Philippines.

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