Heredero After Eat Bulaga

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Remembers “Heredero”, a telenovela that was shown right after “Eat Bulaga”. I remember one summer from my childhood where I watched this daily on the weekdays. It starred Philip Gamboa, Richard Arellano, and Glaiza Herradura. I remember even developing a childhood crush on Glaiza Heradura because I saw her everyday on this TV show. If I also recall correctly, King Gutierrez played the villain.

“Heredero” was actually the first show broadcast by TAPE, Inc. on RPN 9. TAPE Inc. is more popularly known as the production company behind “Eat Bulaga”. In later years, TAPE Inc. produced “Valiente” which also became a huge noontime hit during the 1990’s.

Claudine Barretto

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Remembers when Claudine Barretto tripped then cursed on live TV. Click the link below to watch.

This unfortunate accident happened during the live airing of “A.S.A.P Mania” on ABS-CBN back in April 13, 2003. This was at the height of Claudine Barretto’s popularity. It wasn’t so much that she tripped that was shocking but what she exclaimed right after. The clip doesn’t show how she recovered from it but it seems she maintained her composure and quickly apologized to the audience. I don’t see how the production team could have possibly salvaged that.

Green Lanes

Green Lanes
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Remembers Greenlanes Bowling Alley in Greenhills.

Together with Celebrity Sports Plaza, Green Valley Country Club, and Coronado Lanes, Greenlanes was one of maybe a handful of bowling alleys in Metro Manila.

My parents were part of a corporate league when I was a kid and they would take me with them to Greenlanes. I remember that prizes like White Westinghouse refrigerators and La Germania ovens lined the lobby for the winners of the league. World champion Paeng Nepomuceno had an office or a shop in Greenlanes and when I close my eyes, I remember the scent coming out from the machine that cleans the bowling balls.

My parents were there so often that I had become friends with some of the waiters there. This was the time when waiters still wore white shirts and black bowties. I remember the hamburgers there were served with banana chips on a small, square wooden plate.

While my parents bowled, I would sometimes walk over to Unimart nearby to buy snacks or wander over to the Game Room next door. Because of these memories, Greenhills has become my favorite place in the world and not just in Manila.

90s OPM

Remembers 90s OPM hits like…

“Will I Ever Survive” by Introvoys

“Running Away” by Ang Tunay na Amo

“Perfect” by True Faith

“Cold Summer Nights” by Francis Magalona

While the lyrics are in English, these were OPM (Original Pilipino Music) hits and they all got a lot of radio airplay back in the day. I would listen to them together with R&B and Hip-Hop acts from the US and they could hold their own.

Listening to them now, they are still very good and they stood the test of time. It would be nice if they could be reproduced or re-recorded with today’s technology. It’s also amusing to see the visual aesthetics of that time in the music videos and see how young everyone looked.


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Remembers when Dau was the place to go for PX goods.

Because of its proximity to the US bases during that time, naturally, Dau was a shopping haven for anything and everything imported from the US. No trip to La Union or Baguio would be complete without first stopping over Dau. Even on the drive back, we would still stop over and to shop for toys, clothes, shoes, chocolates, candy, and look at the military gear that was also abundantly available there.

What I would give to see photos of Dau during those years.