Ten Things About Digital That I Know To Be True…So Far


  1. The Internet allows you to talk to anybody, anywhere. If you’re using it to chat with somebody you can meet for coffee, you’re doing it wrong. If you’re using it to sell only within your vicinity, you’re also doing it wrong.
  2. Computers cannot think for you but they are extremely obedient and efficient. They will follow your instructions to a T and at scale. Scale will be limited by your ambition and your imagination.
  3. It is complex and precise work. The Internet is made up of decades of layers of languages, code, platforms, and protocols. Miss one comma and it will not work.
  4. Speaking of precision, the Return On Investment (ROI) on Digital Marketing can be tracked back to the last cent and to the exact microsecond. Everything can be timestamped, backed up, and attributed.
  5. Digital is DIY. You learn by doing. You should be able to roll up your sleeves and build it yourself.
  6. Your website is the one thing you own in the Internet. In all your marketing efforts, think of your website first. Everything else should stem from it.
  7. Make sure that everything you put out there is linked, tagged and described properly so it can have a longer shelf-life.
  8. Anybody can generate and organize data. It is in spotting what the numbers do not tell you where real talent lies.
  9. If you think your business is not an information and data business and if you do not make that data and information open, you will go the way of the dodo.
  10. Robots, AI, Algorithms, Machine Learning – whatever you want to call it. It will take over ALL jobs. No job is exempt. Learn how to connect seemingly disparate concepts and contexts.