Claudine Barretto

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Remembers when Claudine Barretto tripped then cursed on live TV. Click the link below to watch.

This unfortunate accident happened during the live airing of “A.S.A.P Mania” on ABS-CBN back in April 13, 2003. This was at the height of Claudine Barretto’s popularity. It wasn’t so much that she tripped that was shocking but what she exclaimed right after. The clip doesn’t show how she recovered from it but it seems she maintained her composure and quickly apologized to the audience. I don’t see how the production team could have possibly salvaged that.

Peck Piñon

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Remembers Peck Piñon, especially the Peck Piñon Art Gallery. There was one in Ali Mall in Cubao and one in SM North Edsa. I had not known that he was a composer, an actor, and a comedian who went by the screen name, “Tugak”. Apparently, he was already painting billboards before he became an actor.

Bad Boy Versus Goma

Photo is captured from
Photo is captured from

Remembers when Robin Padilla punched Richard Gomez in front of everyone during the 1991 STAR Olympics held every year at ULTRA.

I recall that this was all about Sharon Cuneta as Robin Padilla was going out with the Megastar during this time and Richard Gomez was Sharon’s ex-boyfriend.

I also remember that the report said that Robin Padilla drove all the way from Baguio and went straight to the STAR Olympics to confront Richard Gomez.

Skip to 3:30 in the video to see the Bad Boy of Philippine Movies knock the block off Goma.

“Rad” and “Thrashin'”

Rad and Thrashin'Remembers when BMX and skateboarding started getting huge in Manila.

The BMX movie “Rad” was shown in local cinemas but the producers had to change the title to “Helltrack”. It was one of the first movies of Lori Loughlin and sure enough, every hot-blooded male teenager during that time had a crush on her.

Lori Loughlin in the movie "Rad"

The movie also starred Talia Shire who played the male lead’s mother. Her husband was the producer of the movie, Jack Schwartzman. Jason Schwartzman, who is now a popular actor and the drummer for Phantom Planet, is their son.

While it was a box-office disaster in the US, it gained a lot of fans in the Philippines. When it came out as “Helltrack” in the moviehouses, a lot of kids had already seen it in Betamax.

Watch the trailer for “Rad” below:

In the same year, the skateboard movie, “Thrashin'” was released starring Josh Brolin. Again, the producers thought that no one in the Philippines knew what “thrashin'” meant so they changed the title to “Challenge to Win”. The movie featured then relatively unknown Los Angeles band, the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Like “Rad”, “Thrashin'” achieves cult status in the Philippines.

Watch the trailer for “Thrashin'” below: