Marvel Bottle Caps

Photo from the Daredevil Resource (

Remembers those softdrink / soda bottle caps with the Marvel characters under them. They were not in color like the image here. I remember that Coca-Cola products had them. I think you were supposed to mail three different characters and you could join a sweepstakes of some sort.

Marriage According to Donald Duck

Ricky remembers that Donald Duck cartoon where he dreams of being married to Daisy Duck and it turns out to be a nightmare. I remember, as a little boy, of being scared at Daisy Duck’s appearance when the both of them had settled in to domestic life where she was wearing a bathrobe and hair curlers. She had tired and baggy eyes and was smoking a cigarette while pouring herself a cup of coffee in the kitchen. Scary!

Birthday Cakes

Ricky remembers those children’s birthday party cakes from Goldilocks with the blue candles, the blue or red toothpaste-like gel that they use to write with, the candy flowers, and the plaster of Paris superhero figurines on top. You can choose from Batman and Robin, Superman and Wonder Woman, and Spiderman.