Bad Boy Versus Goma

Photo is captured from
Photo is captured from

Remembers when Robin Padilla punched Richard Gomez in front of everyone during the 1991 STAR Olympics held every year at ULTRA.

I recall that this was all about Sharon Cuneta as Robin Padilla was going out with the Megastar during this time and Richard Gomez was Sharon’s ex-boyfriend.

I also remember that the report said that Robin Padilla drove all the way from Baguio and went straight to the STAR Olympics to confront Richard Gomez.

Skip to 3:30 in the video to see the Bad Boy of Philippine Movies knock the block off Goma.

Dance Music Radio Stations

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Remembers 89.1 DMZ Danze Music Zone. It was a radio station in Broadcast City near Celebrity Sports Plaza. They would play hip-hop and R&B and it became very popular to the younger set because they were the only radio station that showcased that type of music. Francis Magalona even had a radio show called “The Word-Up Show” and he went by the monicker, DJ Mouth.