Marvel Bottle Caps

Photo from the Daredevil Resource (

Remembers those softdrink / soda bottle caps with the Marvel characters under them. They were not in color like the image here. I remember that Coca-Cola products had them. I think you were supposed to mail three different characters and you could join a sweepstakes of some sort.


Ricky remembers his very first field trip when he was Prep in Ateneo. He and his classmates went to watch the movie “Annie”. Watching it again now on DVD, he discovers how utterly delightful Carol Burnett was in it as the perpetually inebriated and chronically out of balance Miss Hannigan.

Birthday Cakes

Ricky remembers those children’s birthday party cakes from Goldilocks with the blue candles, the blue or red toothpaste-like gel that they use to write with, the candy flowers, and the plaster of Paris superhero figurines on top. You can choose from Batman and Robin, Superman and Wonder Woman, and Spiderman.


Ricky remembers recurring features in MAD Magazine like movie and TV show parodies, A MAD Look At…, Spy Vs. Spy, The Lighter Side Of…, Don Martin Gags, Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions, the little drawings by Sergio Aragones that appear in the corners, between the panels, and in the margins throughout the magazine, and of course, The MAD Fold-In at the end by Al Jaffee.