Scrapes and Hydrogen Peroxide

Remembers when scrapes and wounds on the knees and elbows (and the eventual “nana” when they got infected) were normal occurences. Being treated with merthiolate, agua oxinada, Teramycin, Leukoplast, and Band-Aid was a regular part of every kid’s day. I wonder if kids nowadays still go through this.

Beast of Burden

Ricky remembers those caravans pulled by cows that peddled brooms, cradles, walkers, and anything else that you can think of that was made of rattan.

String Firecrackers

Ricky remembers those mini firecrackers on a string that would let out a small pop when you pull on it from both ends. You can buy them from your neighborhood sari-sari store and they would come in a box smaller than a matchbox. Does anybody remember the name of this kid-friendly firecracker?

Philippine Beach Resorts

Ricky remembers when Puerto Azul was the premiere beach resort destination for the citizens of Manila. He even remembers that Puerto Azul t-shirt that almost everyone went home with after. It was white, with the Puerto Azul logo at the back, and the logos of the sports activities that you can engage in while you were vacationing there. They had tennis, bowling, golf, swimming, and many more.


Ricky remembers when people would call a kid whose name they didn’t know “Bata”. As in, “Bata, bata…” or “Huy bata!”

Ricky also remembers that in Ateneo, it was more upscale. They would call each other, “Pal”.