90s OPM

Remembers 90s OPM hits like…

“Will I Ever Survive” by Introvoys

“Running Away” by Ang Tunay na Amo

“Perfect” by True Faith

“Cold Summer Nights” by Francis Magalona

While the lyrics are in English, these were OPM (Original Pilipino Music) hits and they all got a lot of radio airplay back in the day. I would listen to them together with R&B and Hip-Hop acts from the US and they could hold their own.

Listening to them now, they are still very good and they stood the test of time. It would be nice if they could be reproduced or re-recorded with today’s technology. It’s also amusing to see the visual aesthetics of that time in the music videos and see how young everyone looked.

Dance Music Radio Stations

Photo from (http://i.ytimg.com/vi/e3NXBC4ipP8/hqdefault.jpg)

Remembers 89.1 DMZ Danze Music Zone. It was a radio station in Broadcast City near Celebrity Sports Plaza. They would play hip-hop and R&B and it became very popular to the younger set because they were the only radio station that showcased that type of music. Francis Magalona even had a radio show called “The Word-Up Show” and he went by the monicker, DJ Mouth.