Chat Peypoch

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Remembers Chat Peypoch and the signature look that she (he?) uses for the graduation photos of students from exclusive all-girls Catholic schools like Maryknoll/Miriam, Assumption, Poveda, St. Scholastica, and St. Theresa’s College.

Who is Chat Peypoch? Is Chat Peypoch a she or a he? Is Chat Peypoch still alive? It appears that there are two photography studios in Makati but it looks like they don’t even have a website.

In any case, even without the Chat Peypoch signature on the lower right corner of the photograph, one would have a difficult time not recognizing that “black and white on white background” style that is synonymous with the name. Thousands of fortunate Filipino female students have been immortalized with that indelible look.


Ricky remembers when people would call a kid whose name they didn’t know “Bata”. As in, “Bata, bata…” or “Huy bata!”

Ricky also remembers that in Ateneo, it was more upscale. They would call each other, “Pal”.


Ricky remembers his very first field trip when he was Prep in Ateneo. He and his classmates went to watch the movie “Annie”. Watching it again now on DVD, he discovers how utterly delightful Carol Burnett was in it as the perpetually inebriated and chronically out of balance Miss Hannigan.