Green Lanes

Green Lanes
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Remembers Greenlanes Bowling Alley in Greenhills.

Together with Celebrity Sports Plaza, Green Valley Country Club, and Coronado Lanes, Greenlanes was one of maybe a handful of bowling alleys in Metro Manila.

My parents were part of a corporate league when I was a kid and they would take me with them to Greenlanes. I remember that prizes like White Westinghouse refrigerators and La Germania ovens lined the lobby for the winners of the league. World champion Paeng Nepomuceno had an office or a shop in Greenlanes and when I close my eyes, I remember the scent coming out from the machine that cleans the bowling balls.

My parents were there so often that I had become friends with some of the waiters there. This was the time when waiters still wore white shirts and black bowties. I remember the hamburgers there were served with banana chips on a small, square wooden plate.

While my parents bowled, I would sometimes walk over to Unimart nearby to buy snacks or wander over to the Game Room next door. Because of these memories, Greenhills has become my favorite place in the world and not just in Manila.

Bad Boy Versus Goma

Photo is captured from
Photo is captured from

Remembers when Robin Padilla punched Richard Gomez in front of everyone during the 1991 STAR Olympics held every year at ULTRA.

I recall that this was all about Sharon Cuneta as Robin Padilla was going out with the Megastar during this time and Richard Gomez was Sharon’s ex-boyfriend.

I also remember that the report said that Robin Padilla drove all the way from Baguio and went straight to the STAR Olympics to confront Richard Gomez.

Skip to 3:30 in the video to see the Bad Boy of Philippine Movies knock the block off Goma.

San Miguel Beer Imports

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Photo from (

Remembers San Miguel Beer imports Michael Phelps and Ennis Whatley. Michael Phelps was not a flashy player but he was consistent and led the Beermen to a championship. Ennis Whatley was another silent operator and his claim to fame was he played with the Chicago Bulls. I even had a Michael Jordan poster where you could clearly see Ennis Whatley in the picture.

Buzzer Beater

Ricky remembers the 1989 PBA All Star Game – The Veterans VS. The RSJ (Rookies, Sophomores, Juniors). With 8 seconds to go, Jolas ties the game with a difficult 3 pointer from the left side. With the clock winding down, Veterans in possession, Jaworski inbounds it to Ramon Fernandez, Fernandez drives to the basket and scores!

Long-time rivals Jaworksi and Fernandez reconcile after.

Philippine Basketball at its finest. Doesn’t get better than that.