Claudine Barretto

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Remembers when Claudine Barretto tripped then cursed on live TV. Click the link below to watch.

This unfortunate accident happened during the live airing of “A.S.A.P Mania” on ABS-CBN back in April 13, 2003. This was at the height of Claudine Barretto’s popularity. It wasn’t so much that she tripped that was shocking but what she exclaimed right after. The clip doesn’t show how she recovered from it but it seems she maintained her composure and quickly apologized to the audience. I don’t see how the production team could have possibly salvaged that.

Music Television

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Remembers “MV2”, Channel 2‘s version of MTV, hosted by Long Tall Howard. The music video show came on every morning on weekdays at 10:00 AM. This is where I first saw the music videos of bands like Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Tears For Fears, and the Eurythmics. When USA for Africa mania hit, “We Are the World” was always the last music video played. For some reason also, the show would always feature Al Corley’s “Square Rooms”.

On the weekends, it would be Video Hot Tracks on Saturdays and Video Hit Parade on Sundays. Of course, Sunday afternoon was “America’s Top 10” hosted by Casey Kasem on Channel 9.